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The Best Chains And Necklaces For Men 2020

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Unless you raided your dear mother jewellery box when you were younger or ran around South East Asia on your gap year like Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach, chances are, as a man, you’ve never thought about thrusting a chain over your head.

But with an ever increasing roll call of the coolest men in the world now opting for the men’s necklace (Gosling, Hemsworth, Rocky need we say more) and shifting attitudes towards a much needed blurring of the previously gender stereotyping in fashion (men wear watches, women wear jewellery let all groan in unison) now is as good a time as any to experiment with a chain over your head. Here we take a look at everything you need to get started, from picking the right pendant and length of chain to how you can fit it effortlessly into your already assembled wardrobe.

Ryan Gosling

The History Of Bling, From Henry VIII To 50 CentMen weren always so averse to a bit of bling around the scruff. The ancient Egyptians were proponents, studding their sheet gold neck wraps and strung beads with amulets and talismans to protect and bring luck to the wearer. Men of the Renaissance period were also fans with the extremely wealthy lavishing all manner of plaques, chains and pendants upon themselves as well as stupendous gem laden bague homme argent gravure lnrrabc mode creative 26 abc lettre bracelet ensemble perceuse cristal rouge chaine delicate chanceux bracelets pour femme livraison directe creations that would stretch to their shoulders. Don believe us Check out Henry VIII in his famous portrait by Hans Holbein, sporting a herculean gold chain that would put Run DMC to shame.


This male love porter une bague homme in with the necklace died out in the 1600s, but returned in the second half of the 20th century when chains once again went from pious symbols of religion to conspicuous signifiers of wealth. collier femme pierres rouges Dog bague homme argent avec pierre onyx tags, Elvis and disco played their parts, but it was in hip hop fashion that necklaces became the ultimate symbol of decadence with artists punching through the social hierarchy, the ice hanging around their necks offering proof of how far they climbed.

In the last decade men jewellery has evolved again, now more of a fashion accessory than anything else. Necklaces have sashayed down the men catwalk for the likes of Prada,and Raf Simons in recent seasons. has been a 1990s streetwear revival in recent seasons, bague homme vintage which has seen chains, pendants, medallions and rings rise in popularity. This has been picked up on Instagram and street style blogs, which in bague collier femme verre homme argent avec pierre rouge turn has influenced the styling of characters on mainstream reality TV to create a self perpetuating trend which I don’t believe has reached its crescendo yet. Your MetalThe first step to making like the Pharaohs and the catwalk waifs is to pick out your necklace starting with the material of your chain and then the pendant to add the unique styling that has made them so popular. necklace should feel comfortable and casual almost like a family heirloom, says Michael Saiger, founder and creative director of US based jewellery company Miansai.

An oxidised sterling silver chain offers a more masculine and timeless vibe with the colour shade working best in winter months underneath tailoring and next to navy blues and grey. A yellow gold chain is brighter creating a contrast that bague homme onyx really pops against black while complimenting warmer tones like orange and brown.

If you looking for a casual necklace to fit with a more dressed down style, then consider waxed cord which especially suits choisir longueur collier femme the summer months and days flaunting around the pool while a beaded necklace might have worrying gap bague homme argent taille 76 year connotations but can add bulk and width to a skinny neck while drawing attention to a sharp jawline (if you blessed with one) and works well in combination with other chains.

David Yurman

There are also plated metals bague homme histoire d or to consider but Saiger recommends sticking to the golden two if etsy bague homme you are concerned about your skin reacting to the chain. always best to stick with only sterling silver and solid gold if you have sensitive skin. Those types of metals are extremely fine, and will not react to your skin regardless if you sleep with them or wear them just for the day. from the material, there bague homme pierre turquoise are also different chain designs with the interconnected oval links of a cable chain being the most common. Different chain designs will alter the feel and look of the necklace like the bulkier mesh chain (several different chains linked together for a textured look), the bague homme argent avec saphir sturdy curb chain (interlocked links designed to lay flat) and the ever so fancy Figaro chain (an alternating pattern of differently sized flattened links).

Alex Orso

Make The Pendant PersonalNow, you can of course just stick with the chain, but adding a pendant brings that oh so important personality to your look with bague homme argent avec pierre the ability to turn heads bague homme argent original and get the conversation flowing at a dinner party quicker than you can say Master Jay Proud wearer of the men necklace Ryan Gosling, has the tag of his beloved bague homme argent personnalisable dog George attached to his chain, after he sadly passed away in 2017.

However, there no prescription bague homme argent pierre bleu for the pendant and it be foolish to just follow the lead of the celebs. Just keep your eye out for something that you connect with or can regale an anecdote through, whether it a letter or a diamond encrusted dollar sign. any purchase is personal and based on bague homme argent américaine a selection process, says Simpson. are you attracted to What complements your style And what does it say to others about your character with a personal touch, Saiger advises looking towards vintage designs in a pendant. that merges the past with the present will always be in style. For example, one of the key styles at Miansai is the rolled penny necklace which takes its inspiration from the old penny machines found in museums and amusement parks.

David Yurman

Also, note that particular pendants have different meanings. An anchor is an age old symbol of strength with obvious ties to the sea, while a popular motif for Los Angeles based jewellery brand Nialaya is the Hamsa hand, which is believed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck in Middle Eastern and North African cultures. Other popular pendant styles are the holy cross with its connotations to Christianity, the skull which represents mortality and the feather which is the universal symbol of peace, pacifism and spiritual unity.

all scenarios, it must feel natural and should never make you feel self conscious, says Simpson. pendants are quite bold or heavy, so it’s worth thinking about where and how long you might be taille moyenne bague homme wearing the product. A longer chain will help elongate the neck while drawing attention to a broad chest, while a shorter chain will be more readily visible. Anything shorter than 18 inches and you getting into choker territory…