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painted cuckoo clocks You are here: Home / craft projects / painted cuckoo clocksI guess to most non Germans cuckoo clocks represent an example of what should be in a typical German home along with carved wood furniture and beer mugs.As a German citizen and growing up in Germany I hated cuckoo clocks. collier argent coque samsung They reminded bague or blanc et marque chaude femme nouveau etincelles micro pave clair zircone heureux visage heureux lien chaine oxyde de zirconium me of swarovski bague or blanc old people in smelly, dusty homes or (yes) American tourists.So a couple of years ago, my parents thought it would be very funny to send me a cuckoo bague or hermes clock to the US and guilt me into hanging it up. I was less than thrilled to display my brown carved clock in the living room. Especially since I hate being guilted and forced into any design decisions. iphone hoesje coque iphone 7 But since I bague or avec turquoise really miss my family and I have to admit that it reminds me of Germany, I hung it up. coque samsung My kids loved it and so did my cats. coque iphone 7 pas cher bague or gris femme One bague or blanc diamant histoire d or day I returned home to find the clock lying on the floor. One of my cats had jumped at it at the 2 o chirp (I know that because it was stopped bague or 750 millièmes at 2). coque iphone I figured it was broken haha no such luck.Then I started researching cuckoo clocks and some more contemporary design options.Here are some bague or tete de mort that I came across:The German artist Stefan huatang boheme blanc fleur lune perlee boho bracelets bracelets ensemble pour les femmes Strumbel and his colorful, graffiti influenced cuckoo clocks. coque iphone I think they are very cool but too expensive and most are a little too crazy for my house.Or the vinyl cuckoo clock art you can find all over the internet now.And my hubby bought me this little sterling silver cuckoo clock necklace agrandir bague or from Overstock. coque samsung I wear it all the time.And certainly Pascal Tarabay white cuckoo clock:So I told my father that I was itching to spray paint the clock white. coque iphone He lost it. He told me that I had no clue how expensive that clock was and that he would be really mad at me if I would ruin it with paint.But the seed was planted in my design brain and I couldn stop thinking about it. I all of a bague or jaune perle de culture sudden was obsessed with finding a cheap cuckoo clock that I could paint. I finally found one small old mechanical clock ($40) made in Germany and one very large electrical clock ($25) on craigslist. bijoux bague The electrical one had a light sensor on it and, get this, was made in Korea.I took them apart into small pieces, cleaned them very good with TSP cleaner. disney iphone 11 case Then I taped/covered all the areas that I didn want to paint.small clock before:After they dried I was ready for primer. coque samsung The old clock had a strange bague or fantaisie yellow glue on it that kept showing under the water based primer, so I ended up using oil based primer which I applied with a brush. coque iphone marble iphone 11 case The brush worked very well to get into the carvings.small clock with primer:The large electrical clock had some plastic parts to it which I spray painted with plastic spray paint.After that I spray bague or jaune et saphir painted the other clock parts with white semi gloss spray paint.When the parts were dry, I put them all back together and made sure that the clocks still worked.Now I was IN LOVE. Yes, sorry dad but I retired your brown cuckoo clock to your grandson room and it really looks cute there.cuckoo clock in my son bague or pierre noire roomThe gigantic white cuckooing and dancing clock is now hanging in my living room instead. coque huawei kawaii iphone 11 case Yes, it has little angels dancing marque chaude femme oeil bracelets porte bonheur mauvais oeil email zircone tennis bracelet reglable in a circle. coque huawei Strange I know but I don care. It makes me smile every time I look at it.My mom loved them so much that she wanted one too. coque huawei Last year, the small clock went on a bague or rose mauboussin trip back to Germany, the place it was made in. That makes me smile too. My father bague or jaune perle de tahiti and brother still think it stupid! And I totally know that bague or blanc diamant solitaire this isn bague or rose perle everybody cup of tea, but it certainly has become elk de noel cristal cuir femmes bracelet noir corde bracelet pour femmes filles bracelet bijoux de mine. coque iphone star wars iphone 11 case And it goes with my large white cardboard safari deer head.I like having some silly things around the house that make nouveau bracelet en cuir tisse pour hommes et femmes boucle magnetique en acier inoxydable bracelet people ask on earth would you hang this up I don take it that serious.After bague jinse 5mm chram tennis bracelets pour hommes femmes glace bling zircon bijoux boite chaine bracelets or camée all I have been called the crazy German and not in a good way. coque huawei supreme iphone 11 case But you know what I take it as a compliment even if it wasn meant that way.