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Do It Yourself Is A Devastating Economic Crisis In Our 2017 Future

I’ve got to say that the economic numbers, the markets, and the apparent enthusiasm bracelet argent tressé homme seem quite out of place with economic reality. It is astounding how the controllers of today’s modern economic systems have not only staved off a complete crash during 2008, but have risked the system way worse than then while having also manipulated perception to the extent that NO ONE bracelet argent pour homme karuni seems to be concerned about today’s realities all these years later.

It’s as though bague en argent six NO gros bracelet argent homme ONE seems to be concerned bracelet argent 925 origami at all about our gargantuan national debt and unfunded liabilities, the insane global debts, the unimaginable intertwined systemic risk of global derivatives (can you fathom bracelet argent multi the word, ‘Quadrillion’), bracelet argent infini histoire d or and the burgeoning debt of most Americans and American families who live a lifestyle bracelet argent femme fleur nearly paycheck to paycheck.

If the majority are so incredibly mind numbed dumbed down stupid, then why don’t we just vote ourselves bague en or rose that the government send each of us a check for a million dollars NO ONE CARES about the debt, so, why not Hey, no ramifications right

And now that Trump has montre guess bracelet argent been elected, the exuberance is rocketing to the moon that we bracelet argent cuir couleur femme shall all be saved bracelet argent avec lettre from any economic woes to come! We symbolique bracelet argent as bracelet argent infini femme a people are not grounded in reality, and the masters of our economic systems are taking advantage of it to the fullest extent. What gives

I have written quite a number of bracelet argent prénom enfant articles expressing this type of economic concern over these past years, and it has reached the point where it’s not ‘crying wolf’, but it has reached the point of watching the wolves devour the sheep! One bite at a time!

NO ONE CARES that the national debt is only a few dollars prix bague en or away from $20 Trillion. What’s a trillion Who cares! There have been no consequences and therefore there will never be any consequences!

NO ONE CARES that the unfunded liabilities of the United States are $104 Trillion. Whatever just spit out some more electronic digits there are no apparent consequences!

NO ONE CARES about this stuff because there have been no hard felt consequences for living ‘high on the hog’. Our masters have kept most of the people fat, dumb, and happy, and the best part isthey’re bracelet argent opale getting dumber by the minute!

They’re so dumb that they are easily and entirely controlled by the barrage of daily brainwashing from the controllers of the mainstream. Financial System

The coming banking collapses, and the coming failure and bracelet argent luck bague en argent filigrane disintegration in the global financial system (monetary, credit, and financial asset meltdown), is going to be fast and chaotic and will crush society and the way of life as we comment entretenir bague en argent know it.

What will be the mechanism of diamantor bracelet argent bague en or avec diamant the societal crush

An intertwined systemic banking crisis coupled with a ‘just in time’ supply chain contagion.

The likelihood of a food security crisis within days in the directly affected countries and an exponential spread of production failures across the world beginning within a week.

This will reinforce and spread financial system contagion.

The longer the crisis goes on, the greater the likelihood of its irreversibility. bracelet argent femme avec strass This could be in as little as three weeks.”Conquering the Coming Collapse” Real, Proven Survival Strategies When Money Turns Into Dust

The systemic risk:

In the globalized economy, the growing complexity of interconnectedness, interdependence and the speed of processes (‘JIT’ just in time), coupled with the de localisation of production have bracelet argent charms pandora magnified global vulnerability and opened up the possibility of a rapid and large scale collapse.

When you think about it, it makes sense. It’s logical. It’s complicated, but then again it’s not

In a complex and interdependent economy, fewer failures are required to spread cascading failure through socio economic systems. The risk of cascading failure occurring has increased significantly and will result in a sort of ‘domino effect’ of failures that unfortunately most people have problems seeing or planning for…