Bracelet argent amitié eNews Park Forest Advertising Policy bague homme oxyde de zirconium-bijouterie bracelet argent femme-rnhpve

eNews Park Forest Advertising Policy The advertiser hereby agrees with the company, that no representation of any kind has been made bague or et diamant coeur to the advertiser by the company, or any of its agents, and that no understanding has been had or agreement entered into by them, other than that bague argent création embodied in the eNews Park Forest rate card or attached in writing to the contract. Conditions The company reserves the right to revise its rates at any time upon thirty (30) days notice in writing. In that event, the advertiser reserves the right to cancel this bague argent tete de belier contract without liability for the short rate charge, on bague or blanc jaunit the date upon which the rate changes become effective, otherwise, this contract shall remain in force at the revised rate until its expiration. All materials created bague argent saphir homme for the advertiser by eNews bague argent artsanale homme de roumanie Park Forest become the property of this paper. marble iphone 11 case The artwork created for the advertiser (mechanicals, etc.) and paid for by the advertiser is their property. Cancellations may be accepted after published reservation deadlines with a penalty of 25% of the total ad cost applied. Cancellation policy in effect for all advertisements printed by or inserted within the newspaper. Political advertising: Applies to all candidates for elected office. Political advertising copy must be cleared by the advertising department prior to publication. All political advertising must be paid for in advance of publication. Political advertising bague argent peace and love will not be accepted for publication on the day of the election. coque huawei Acceptability All advertisements offered for publication in eNews Park Forest are subject to acceptance by the company. Questionable, misleading, bague argent martinique controversial, or fraudulent statements are declined. coque iphone The company reserves the rights to disapprove any advertising copy, which in its sole judgment may bague argent morgan rhodium bague or blanc be deemed objectionable and undesirable. Furthermore, the company reserves the right to revise or reject any advertising copy, in its sole discretion for any reason whatsoever. Payment does not guarantee publication. coque iphone 5 Only publication constitutes acceptance of an ad. A contract shall not be invalidated by any errors in or omissions of any advertisement on the part of the company. The advertiser’s sole remedy for breach bague argent pierre rouge homme of this contract shall be a corrected additional publication of the part of the advertisement error. The company shall not be liable for errors or omissions or for the failure to run an ordered advertisement or for any losses or decreased profits sustained by any damages resulting from any such failures, error or omission. The company will not be responsible for more than one correctional publication on advertisement ordered for more than one time. Automotive, Recreational Vehicle, Garage Sale, Merchandise, Pets and Lost Found ad bague argent homme pierre programs are for the benefit bague or blanc et diamant blanc et noir of non commercial advertisements. If an ad is canceled during the scheduled run, pro rated rebates will not be given. The Publisher reserves the right to revise or reject, at its option, any advertisement deemed objectionable by the Publisher or to classify an advertisement. custom iphone 11 case Boxes or Mail Services is unacceptable. All Ads subject to credit approval. Please check each insertion of your ad. coque iphone No adjustments will be made by eNews Park Forest for errors not corrected the first day the advertisement appears. coque iphone 7 pas cher eNews Park Forest accepts no liability or responsibility for the failure to insert an advertisement regardless of the cause, except for the cost of the space actually occupied by the error. coque iphone 7 If you are under the age of 13, please do not submit any information to us. If you are under the age of 18, please do not submit any credit card information to us without first getting permission from your parent or guardian. All submissions are subject to approval and may be rejected at the discretion of eNews Park Forest. All advertising material published in eNews Park Forest magazine may also be used in any and all media by eNews Park bague argent franc macon Forest. All advertising must be prepaid until credit is approved. On advertising where etsy bague argent femme credit is approved, payment bague argent pierre bleu foncé is due on or before the fifteenth (15th) of the month following publication. coque samsung eNews Park Forest may refuse to publish further advertising when an account becomes delinquent. A contract may be terminated by the company without notice, if bague argent fillette the advertiser shall fail to pay for advertising as agreed or for any other default hereunder, or without notice, if the advertiser becomes insolvent, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or a receiver of the property or business of the advertiser is appointed. Failure of the company to object to, or to take affirmative action with respect to any advertisement, any delinquency, or any of its rights under this contract, shall not be construed as a waiver thereof or a waiver of any subsequent breach thereof. coque samsung In the case of a bankruptcy, if the advertiser requests the court pre petition for payment of unpaid balance, the contract rate will be reinstated. Any tax imposed on newspaper advertising will be paid by the advertiser from the date of the imposition to the end of the contract. Retail advertising rates apply to rachat bague argent the advertising of any retailer who sells directly to the public through one or more retail stores owned and operated by the advertiser. coque iphone xs If an advertiser, in addition to selling through his/her retail store or stores, sells through dealers or outlets that he does not own, control or operate, no mention or reference may be made in the copy accepted at the retail rate of such outlets or methods of distribution. For billing information on Retail, ocesrio luxe blanc boucles doreilles avec pierres belles boucles doreilles 585 or zircone General and Classified Advertising, call 708 710 9860. IV. CONTRACT AND COPY REGULATIONS In order to qualify for a contract rate, an advertiser must first sign a eNews Park Forest advertising agreement. Contracts cannot be transferred to another company or division. Contracts must be signed by the advertiser who assumes liability for payment of advertising placed by a recognized advertising agency. If an bague argent corbeau advertiser’s inches fall short of agreed contract, a “shortrate” will be bague argent avec un diamant issued to the rate actually earned. The publisher bague or blanc double anneau reserves the right to reject or cancel advertising contracts for reasons of nonuse, non payment, credit violations, contract violations or other reasons which violate stated or written policies of eNews bague argent poli Park Forest. An advertising space contract may be backdated no further than the first day of the preceding month in which it is signed and processed. If a thirty day bague argent avec pierre zirconium notice is issued for an impending advertising rate increase, the advertiser may cancel the contract during that thirty day period without penalty. If the advertiser does not cancel the contract, the new rate will become the contract rate. Every effort will be made to offer the advertising position requested. However, we cannot guarantee exact position, and advertising must be paid for regardless of position. star wars iphone 11 case The company will not accept advertising on a “position omit” basis. Notice of error must be given 24 hours prior to second insertion or else no claim for adjustment will be accepted. Any ad that simulates a “news style” appearance must be labeled as an advertisement at the top of the ad. Copy cannot be set in the same type style used in editorial content.