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St Cecilia Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding Pictures I have a treat for you today, it’s Laura Jay’s stunning wedding at one of the very best Boston wedding venues The Boston Harbor Hotel. It’s always an absolute pleasure being a Boston Harbor Hotel wedding photographer, Cortney and the whole BHH team are always a joy to work with so organized and professional. coque iphone coque iphone 6 In addition, Laura and Jay’s wedding was perfectly planned by Linnea at Tangorra Wedding Planning. I’ve worked with Linnea a bunch of times and she is just fabulous. If you’re in the early stages of wedding planning and you’re looking for someone with incredible experience to learn about the two of you and then match you with the best vendors for your style and budget and THEN make sure everything goes super smoothly on your wedding weekend then Linnea is it! Laura bought the most delicate gold and pink jewelry for her bridesmaids, here’s Emily’s bracelet. iphone 11 case And who doesn’t love a pair of Christian Louboutin heels on their wedding vendre bague or blanc diamant day Laura had thoughtful monogrammed white shirts for all of her bridesmaids and the moms to get ready in. All the better to not mess up bague solitaire accompagné your hair and make up when you realize you have to pull your tank top up over your head! Laura was helped into her dress and veil by her mother Christine and MOH Emily: When I arrived at the Boston Harbor Hotel at around 11am in the morning, I went qualite bague pandora straight to the Wharf Room. coque iphone The room was a flurry of activity with tables being set up, chairs brought in, beautiful sparkling linens and centerpieces being carefully laid out. coque iphone 5 pas cher I worked bague pandora cdiscount quietly in a corner with Audrey to bague solitaire épaulé set up our lights and we noticed a gentleman walking around, checking things out, making sure bague solitaire diamant rectangle the placement of everything was perfect. The gentleman was Teo, Laura’s father and he couldn’t have been happier or more proud to see Laura in her wedding bague or bla dress for the bague solitaire jaune first time: The limo ride to St Cecilia’s had Laura reading and re reading her personal vows to Jay and solde bague or et topaze also giggling and chatting with Teo: And no words bague solitaire diamant or blanc ancienne are needed for the wedding ceremony at St bague pandora noeud or Cecilia’s Parish in Boston, other than saying it was so lovely to see the little glances, words, smiles and laughs between Laura and Jay throughout the wedding: Everyone joined in the final blessing: We’d originally planned to take the formal family pictures in church but after going over the timeline bague solitaire femme we realized it would take quite a while for the church to empty out with all of the guests. bague pandora gouttelette poetique If you choose not to do a first look you can either schedule a break, consider an extended cocktail hour or accept you’ll have limited family/wedding party/couples pictures. coque huawei Laura and Jay wisely decided to schedule a little extra time before cocktail hour started so we made our way to Post Office Sq for pictures (remember your permits!). coque iphone 7 This is one of my favorite pictures of the day, Laura and Jay couldn’t have been happier and the limo bague or grenat prix ride was a very joyous occasion with MOH Emily and best man Ben: We were then bague solitaire tiffany joined by Laura and Jay’s families for family pictures. Both families couldn’t have been more welcoming and so incredibly happy for bague solitaire diamant coussin Jay bague solitaire celinni and Laura. coque samsung coque iphone x Time to head back to the Boston Harbor Hotel for wedding pictures incorporating the iconic arch: It’s always a little bague solitaire a en saphir pour homme challenging to get a shot without any of the hundreds of tourist that seem to always be around on any given Saturday afternoon in the summer but we lucked out: Laura and Jay were talking away, bague solitaire diamant princesse giggling and kissing and it was such a pleasure to photograph them: The always amazing Gary of the BHH team magically appeared with a waiter holding a silver tray with restorative glasses of champagne for the newlyweds before solde bague or taille 54 they made their way to the outdoor cocktail hour overlooking the ocean: Thanks to Audrey and Kate for taking the pictures at cocktail hour: There were lots of ooohs and aaaahs as guest made their way into the spectacular Wharf Room. coque huawei coque iphone 8 Beautiful silk and sequin linens by Table Toppers bague solitaire diamant monture ancienne and bague solitaire double anneau the bague solitaire or blanc mauboussin fragrant white centerpieces by Spruce Floral. Tall centerpieces are always beautiful bague or blanc ou argent especially in the airy tall ceiling setting of the Wharf Room but they’re the WORST on the table that the couple will be sitting at. It’s so lovely to have pictures of your reactions during the toasts and a tall centerpiece will likely block one or other of you.