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Elegant holiday party on a beer budget HomeMeet Our ExpertsOur BooksPrintable CouponsLocal Cheap SitesRun Your Own Cheap SiteThe Ultimate Guide to CouponsHalf Price Tickets Elegant holiday party on a beer budgetPOSTED BYLinda DuVal You’d love to give a holiday party, but those events can be real budget busters. Well, ho ho hold on there. There are ways to do it up right and not break the bank. Here are some tips. Invitations first. Keep it simple. coque huawei Most people today are OK with an e mail invitation. kawaii iphone 11 case If you know someone who isn’t, get inexpensive plain invitations from the dollar store, add some holidays stickers and mail a few. Or pick up the phone and give them a call. Guest list. Don’t invite the whole office. coque iphone xs You probably don’t like all silver charm bracelet pandora style those people and the feeling may be mutual but they’ll come anyway for free food and drink. Smaller is better. Tailor the size of the group to the size of your space. But an optimum size or everyone to get to visit or know each other is maybe 20 to bracelet pandora rue du commerce 25 people. Invite bracelet homme avec costume a few special people from work (and ask them not to spread the word), along with some personal friends and you might have a nice mix of folks for interesting conversations. Just make sure when they get there, everyone gets introduced around so the office folks don’t hang in a clique and not mingle with others. coque samsung Try to hook up interests or experiences, such as “George, meet Tom. coque samsung George loves car racing and Tom used to be an amateur race car driver.” High spirits. Don’t try to set up a full bar. It’ll cost a fortune just to provide the basics. Maybe get a keg of a popular local microbrew beer, or search the oenophile websites for best bargains on some decent wine. Better yet, do a punch. Punch ingredients can hide a multitude of flaws in a moderately priced alcohol. For the non drinkers, how about a crockpot of spiced apple cider Food tidbits. Do a buffet. A sliced ham or turkey breast might seem pricey, but it feeds a lot of people. Add some slider rolls and condiments and most people feel like they’ve had a enlever un bracelet pandora whole meal. Deviled eggs are cheap and everybody loves them. Dress them up with a little sprig of fresh dill or a tiny dollop of domestic caviar (a small jar goes a long way) and they look extra fancy. Roasted vegetables are cheap, easy to cut into small bites, and offer a substantial side dish. iphone 11 case for girls Or go with crudites (raw vegetables), which are colorful and filling; serve them with a simple dip (even plain old ranch dressing in a bowl), and they’ll be snapped up. Add your own or favorite bottled dressing to coleslaw mix and you have another side dish. For dessert Bake (from scratch or a box) a double batch of brownies, frost them for extra richness, cut them into bite sized squares and put a Christmas candy or some crushed candy cane on the top of each one. Or keep it light and festive with some Strawberry Santas, super easy to make and fun for all ages. In a pinch, open that box of candy from Grandma and set the pieces out on a pretty dish. coque iphone Check out our tips for cheap healthy party snacks. Cook for a crowd. Cheaper still would be a giant pot of your famous chili or pans of your family’s favorite lasagna. To help cut costs, use ground turkey instead of beef and keep the sides simple: fresh toppings like chopped scallions, sour cream cilantro and avocado for the chili and a nice green salad for the lasagna. coque iphone 5s Bread (such as cornbread for the chili or garlic bread bracelet homme dihn van for the lasagna) would also be a nice (and filling) accompaniment. Pot lucky. If your friends are good cooks, ask them to bring their favorite holiday dish (and let you know what it is, so you don’t end up with 20 desserts). Ask them to make copies of their recipe to place alongside their dish. You could even ask them to bring something specific, like their favorite holiday appetizer, for a fun sampler of flavors. Theme it up. Instead of a meal, do a wine and cheese tasting or a dessert and coffee buffet. You can even ask your bracelet pandora rose exemple guests to bring their favorite cheese and/or wine. That’ll really cut the cost. Or you can bake up dozens of plain sugar cookies and have a cookie decorating party. coque iphone coque iphone 6 Offer several flavors of icing, maybe some colored ones, plus lots of decors. Each guest gets to take home the cookies they decorated. Maybe do a holiday “high tea” party on a weekend afternoon and do several kinds of tea (saves on pricey alcohol) and lots of finger foods. It kind of depends on your guest list. If your guests tend to prefer pilsners to oolongs, invite them to each bring a six pack of bracelet pandora carcassonne their favorite brew. You provide piles of nachos, French bread pizzas and flavored popcorn. They’re inexpensive and tasty and go great with beer. Paper goods. coque huawei If you want to splurge on some festive paper plates, napkins and plastic “glasses,” don’t buy bracelet homme cuir et corde them at the grocery store. iphone 11 case Hit the dollar store or other discount stores. But consider calling friends and family to ask if you can borrow dinnerware for the evening. Aunt Mary bought that 12 piece comment mettre le fermoir d un bracelet pandora holiday themed box of dishes bracelet pandora grasse a few years ago, and you remember seeing it still boxed and on a shelf in her basement. Or Mom and Dad haven used their wedding china in decades cozy up to them and ask if you can borrow it. A mixed stack of bracelet homme k plates and bowls will only add to the festive spirit. coque iphone 7 Dcor away. bracelet pandora avec arbre de vie Check out places like Marshalls, TJ MaxX or Ross for fun and festive centerpieces. A row of inexpensive votive candles down the center of your buffet table configurateur bracelet pandora adds a warm glow. Or arrange a dozen on a silver tray for a more dramatic effect. Place collier fantaisie geometrique shiny tree ornaments or curls creer bracelet pandora en ligne of ribbon around the table to fill any empty spaces and brighten up the whole table. Use solid color, non holiday themed accessories that can be reused for other parties. Sound effects. Put on some music but keep it low. People want to talk, not talk over, the Christmas carols. Some cable networks have music stations bracelet pandora ying yang that play holiday tunes complete with images. iphone 11 case If you have a piano, invite guests who play to tickle the ivories a bit. Guests may even want to sing along. Or maybe you are friends with someone who plays the guitar or other instrument invite them to bring it and perform a few holiday tunes. Lots of people like to show off bracelet pandora bleue their musical skills. Don’t forget the tree. Decorate your holiday tree and have it up and ready for guests to admire. Turn down the lights in the room and light up your Tannenbaum for a festive effect. Cut amazon bracelet pandora argent plain white paper or lacy doilies into snowflakes and hang them with transparent nylon thread from the chandelier over your dining room table. More candles placed around the room will soften the glow and the mood of your guests just be sure they aren’t scented with something that will clash with your food. Most important, do as much as you can in advance so you can enjoy your own party. If you say tutorial bracelet pandora goodnight to your guests and all you feel is exhausted, then the party wasn’t such a bargain for you, was it If you liked this article, you may also be interested in: How to throw a cheap and easy holiday party Save money by daring to change holiday traditions The best gifts cost nothing Save money by daring to comment ouvrir mon bracelet pandora change holiday traditions Gift bracelet pandora valeur ideas for your favorite teachers More Ways to Live Well for LessHow to save money on a summer partyHow to throw a cheap Super Bowl partyKid birthday party ideas that won break the (piggy) bankAn easy and cheap way to make your own Christmas ornamentsSave money by daring to change holiday traditions Posted by Linda DuVal on November 28, 2018Updated September 30, 2019 Filed Under: Christmas Entertaining Hot Deals About Linda DuValLinda DuVal bracelet homme cordage marin has lived in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region since 1969. 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