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This Is How You Can Back Up Your WhatsApp Data On iCloud Have you ever coque samsung a8 ananas worried coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 fortnite about losing your WhatsApp data coque samsung galaxy s9 licorne Do you fear losing your phone somewhere; thereby, losing the entire data coque a7 2018 samsung om If your answer is a definite YES then you needn’t worry as you can always back your data up. If you are an iPhone user, it is significant to coque pour samsung galaxy s10 plus mention that WhatsApp backs up your data to cloud by using iCloud. As a result, entire account data including chat logs, documents, pictures and videos etc. are secured if you lose your phone. Subsequently, you can restore coque samsung a20e jaune coque samsung a10 your data entirely in case coque samsung s10 plus officiel of any such mishap. Procedure of coque lion samsung coque iphone 11 a10 enabling iCloud on double coque gel samsung a5 your iPhoneFirst things first. At the outset, you will be required to coque samsung a8 turn on your iPhone’s iCloud Drive for WhatsApp back up. The procedure to turn iCloud [on your iPhone] on samsung galaxy s9 coque led is as coque coque samsung a40 samsung a6 motif following: Tap coque housse clip cintute samsung s6 edge onto the SettingsClick on the Apple ID coque fun samsung a40 bannerOpen iCloud Scroll down coque iphone 8 all the coque samsung a10 plume way towards the bottom of the pageFor iCloud’s accessibility, turn on the switch against WhatsApp By applying the aforementioned steps, iCloud Drive on your iPhone would be enabled. As a result, WhatsApp data can now be backed up. But how Also Read: How to enable WhatsApp dark mode How do I back up my WhatsApp data to iCloudFollow the succeeding steps to back up your data: Open WhatsApp’s application on your iPhoneClick on Settings [gear icon in the bottom right corner]Tap onto the Chats button Click coque samsung galaxy a20 chat on Chat BackupNow there’s this option of Back Up Now.