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Techno FAQ Techno FAQ is a community of technology enthusiasts who believe that technology should be available to all and an effort should be made to help everyone understand it. personnalisation de coque samsung galaxy s3 mini Our site cum blog aims to promote educating people about technology, electronics and computing and to solve tech problems faced by the people. coque iphone 6 pas cher We coque samsung galaxy note gt n7000 also aim to bring certain coque samsung galaxy s5 matt pokora topics into the limelight which are usually not covered by mainstream technology websites. coque iphone 6 We write how tos, tutorials, product and service reviews, topics on interesting trends, intellectual editorial content, topics about our community activities and highlights of interesting but less visible stuff on the internet that deserve a mention. We are a community that engages in various group activities as ourpassion or hobby, however, like all communities, the cost to maintain ourselves is not small. iphone hoesje Our network, servers, software mirrors coque samsung gaxy j5 and community costs a considerable amount of money and human resources to maintain. Your decision to advertise with us will sustain Techno FAQinto the future coque samsung a5 2017 liquide by contributing towards hosting costs and infrastructure investments. coque iphone The remaining traffic is fully organic and originate from search engines and various blogs and forums around the web who cite our articles. coque iphone coque iphone coque samsung a3 2016 moto We believe in quality over quantity, and thus we focus on content and natural engagement/virality rather than unnaturally coque samsung s8 plus verre trempé boosting traffic to rank online. supreme iphone 11 case We also prefer factual accuracy and samsung galaxy a40 coque licorne honesty, and try to keep our articles as correct and as unbiased as possible. iphone 11 case review We have the following ad slots available. 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You send us your write coque samsung galaxy ace 4 barcelone up on any topic of your liking that is consistent with our niche, which can contain direct or indirect promotional references or backlinks to your product or service and we publish it as a guest contributed article. The sponsored postwill stay at the homepageof our site for at least 5 business days, either through content area or featured slider. coque iphone Please check out our guidelines for sponsored posts here. custodia cover iphone bijoux bague For pricing and getting your sponsored posts published, coque samsung galaxy s4 mini licorne amazon you can either send us a mail at [email fill out the form inthe contact us coque samsung a3 liquide pageor talk to us using the live chat widget on coque samsung pour galaxy s9 the coque samsung j5 2016 3d bottom right side of the page. Sponsored reviewsWe love coque samsung galaxie tab 3 lite to write reviews, and we be more than happy to do coque minnie samsung a40 a comprehensive, honest and factually accurate review of your product or service. coque samsung kawaii licorne We tell our readerswhy your product is useful, all of its aspects/features and how it stands out of other similar products in coque rose samsung a40 the market. Tshirt pokemon If your feel that your product/service is not getting the attention samsung a40 coque rhinoshield it deserves, we will try our best to help it gain exposure in return for a contribution in cash or kind. You can also ask us to write how to guides of your product and even organize competition based giveaways with our community. The options are endless. You have any other plans Feel free to tell us. For details on sponsored reviews, you can either send us a mail at [email fill out the form inthe contact us pageor talk to us using the live chat widget on the bottom right side of the page. Long term partnershipsTechno FAQ welcomes long term partnerships with advertisers, sponsors and people who can help us keep our network and community activities running. Long term partner members will be a part of our coque manga samsung a40 core team and will be featured across our entire coque samsung s7 edghe network. coque huawei coque iphone 11 Moreover, partners will receive greater priority for requests made by them and resolution of conflicting decisions will be more in their favour. Drop us a mail at [email if you are willing to be a part of us. DonationsIf you are happy with what we do at Techno FAQ and/or one or more of our articles/guides have helped you, you can show your love to us by supporting our activities.