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Regular readers will know that I don’t pick up and report on every iPhone related rumor and tidbit coque samsung a5 2017 en bois floating around the internet. It’s all too easy for someone to whip up a fake photo or comment enlever coque coque simple huawei p smart 2019 samsung j3 2017 claim to be a “source familiar with the company” and make some outlandish claim (remember how in huawei y9 2019 coque silicone the run up to WWDC 2016 “sources” were claiming iMessage was coming to Android). See also: iOS 10 is still a mess, but at least it’s a snappy, stable mess So, what you are going to find here is a distillation of the rumors, with an added sprinkle coque samsung s9 avec rabat of a few educated guesses based on an understanding of how Apple operates and its coque samsung galaxy s7 livraison rapide historical patterns. What we know for certainFirst off, here’s what we know coque chat huawei y6 2019 for certain nothing beyond when Apple plans to unveil it, which is set coque game boy huawei for Sept. coque huawei 7. coque samsung galaxy j3 animaux Beyond that, nothing. Zero. Zilch. Apple coque samsung a3 fee doesn’t talk about product transitions until it makes them. Joining the supply chain dots is the iOS 10 release scheduled for this fall, and coque samsung galaxy note 8 fnac the fact that Apple has, coque bts huawei y5 2019 since the iPhone 5, been unveiling coque samsung a5 officiel a new iPhone on the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday of September, with the iPhone shipping the second or third Friday after the unveiling. Given that this year’s unveiling event falls on Wednesday, Sept. 7, this means that the iPhone coque samsung j3 2016 the walking dead 7 will likely be released on Friday, Sept. coque huawei 16 or Sept. 23. Since Apple normally wants the bulk of the new iPhone sales to go into a single quarter historically that quarter being Q1 it would make sense for the iPhone coque samsung j3 2016 smiley to be released nearer the end of the month. The end of Apple’s Q4 2016 falls on Sept. 24. What are the expected big changesWhile the look of the iPhone 7 is expected to closely resemble that of the iPhone 6s and coque samsung j3 magasin iPhone 6, there coque samsung s8 fourrure will be some key changes. This is likely to be a bit controversial, so I’m expecting Apple to wrap it up in a package of leaving the past behind and modernizing the smartphone. One suited for wide angle shots, the other zoom. coque samsung 50 free Google Chrome coque samsung c7000 browser extensions What about the pricingI expect pricing to remain the same as for the iPhone 6s and iPhone coque samsung j3 deco marseille 6s coque samsung galaxy s wifi 4.0 yp-g1 Plus. That means the iPhone 7 coque samsung galaxy s advance personnalisable will start at $649/539/AU$1079. Will there be an iPhone 7 ProIt’s coque huawei honor 6a silicone an interesting idea, and it might help Apple bump coque samsung galaxy s7 edge audi up the average selling price of the iPhone. coque samsung But what would you put into it to make it compelling and separate it from the rest of the pack I can’t think of anything that deems a whole new variant. coque huawei What about wireless chargingWhile there have been a few rumors that Apple has been looking into this, there’s nothing to suggest that it’s going to happen with the iPhone 7.