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Released on Thursday, the watchOS 5.1.2 personnalisé coque iphone 6 gintama coque samsung galaxy s8 update added the ECG app to the Apple Watch Series coque samsung g361f 4. coque iphone By using electrodes in the back crystal and the Digital Crown, a 30 second test can be performed, classifying the user’s heart rate as atrial fibrillation (Afib,) sinus rhythm, or inconclusive. A coque tech 21 iphone 6 Reddit user identified as “edentel” wrote a post about their dealings with the Apple Watch Series 4 after running the update. Warned of an abnormal heart rate in coque samsung galaxy grand prime sully notifications, the user tried out coque samsung s7 edge one piece the ECG app and was provided the Afib result. coque samsung Initially the user believed there was coque iphone 6 catch a glitch coque samsung pour galaxy a5 2017 with coque iphone 6 thrasher the firmware, after repeated tests came up Afib, but trials coque samsung a5 supreme with the user’s wife’s wrist came coque samsung galaxy a5 2014 back coque samsung galaxy j6 2018 disney with normal results. iphone 11 case After trying coque samsung galaxy s7 edge bois the other wrist coque samsung galaxy s6 mickey and the other side of the arm, the warnings continued coque samsung s4 solide to be provided coque samsung galaxy j2 core when the user tried out the app in other ways. Subscribe to AppleInsider coque samsung s5 rabat on YouTube The Redditor writes they went to Patient First, expecting to just go home after potentially wasting their doctor’s time. coque iphone When asked what was wrong, “edentel” was embarrassed to say “Ok, so there’s a new watch feature.” before asking to check its results. The comment was a “quick queue pass” for Patient First, apparently, with the user hooked up for testing. The doctor looked at the readings from the medical equipment, and suggested “You should buy Apple stock. This probably coque samsung galaxy s4 simple coque iphone 6 herbe saved you.” The doctor advised they had read about the ECG coque samsung galaxy j3 2017 transparente feature’s release the previous evening, and while they thought there would be an upswing of patients reacting to the messages, the doctor “didn’t expect it first thing this morning.” The Reddit user has reached out to AppleInsider since original publication, and has provided sufficient evidence to prove the story true. coque samsung On a wider scale, it is highly likely coque samsung galaxy s6 motif the new ECG feature, as well as the Irregular Rhythm Notification feature available in earlier Apple Watch models, will prompt concerned users to check their coque samsung coque iphone 6 keyihan galaxy j7 2017 ebay health via their physician. Afib is said to be belle coque samsung galaxy a3 2016 one of the leading conditions that can result in a stroke, and is the second most common cause of death in the world.