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The best iPhone for photography in 2020 Determining which is the best coque huawei honor 7 silicone iPhone coque samsung galaxy a5 2016 noir camera is a simple matter in one sense, but once you dig into the question it’s more complicated coque samsung personnaliser than it looks. On paper, in purely technical terms, the cameras on the latest iPhone 11 coque huawei mate 8 amazon Pro and iPhone 11 are unquestionably the best, and it isn’t close. coque iphone These phones brought some serious updates to Apple’s camera tech (which we’ll get to in detail momentarily), so if you want the best and are prepared to pay for it, these are your buy. But that’s the key, reglage coque samsung s9 isn’t it Budget is a hugely important consideration, and the fact remains that iPhone cameras have been very, very good for quite some time. It’s perfectly possible for you to get one of the coque samsung z3 world’s best camera phones without necessarily paying iPhone 11 prices. The iPhone range is its own singular coque samsung s7 fleur thing, immediately different from smartphone ranges coque samsung galaxy core plus à personnaliser from boulanger coque huawei p20 pro other manufacturers, and scrolling down a list of previous generation iPhones is not a simple matter of a list of diminishing specs. Older iPhones are different beasts coque huawei p9 lite american horror story entirely. coque samsung Older iPhones aren’t about to trouble any top ten camera lists, but they still represent great buys for photographers who aren’t fussed about the very latest gadgets. Also, while iPhones typically have a rep for being, well, not cheap, these older models have coque samsung wave 3 personnalisable come down in price to the point where many could have a justifiable case for being among the best budget camera phones to get right now. This is the case even with the excellent iPhone X series, which if you’re anything like us, probably feels like it only launched last weeks. They were great camera phones then and they still are now, and thanks to the arrival of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, their prices have started to come down. Not enough of a saving for you Why coque huawei p8 transparent not take a look at the previous iPhone 8 Be aware, however, that there was coque samsung a6 2018 fnac a pretty big design shift between these generations, as the 8 series landed before Apple started using OLED screens and punch holes in all its new phones. It’s possible they’ll look a little dated these days. Now, we don’t want to mislead you. The improvements in image quality that Apple touts with every generation of its iPhone camera are not just hyperbole. Shots from the iPhone 11 Pro really do look at lot better than shots on the iPhone 8, especially in low light. However, you may be surprised by quite how well a three or four year old phone can hold up today. As obsessed with technical progress as we are, the tech from the past few years is still pretty damn good. But that’s enough caveats. Let’s get to the best iPhone cameras! The best iPhone for photography in 2020 (Image credit: Apple)1. teeshirt licorne Apple iPhone 11 ProWell, let’s not pretend we’re surprised. coque huawei The iPhone 11 Pro is brilliantNo 5G yet Unambitious specs, on paper You can’t judge camera phones coque samsung s6 edge nba purely on specs. The iPhone 11 Pro’s triple camera array is hardly cutting edge by today’s camera phone standards, but coque samsung galaxy s6 starbucks it works brilliantly. The colors, tones and exposures are consistent across all three cameras, and the image processing is perfectly judged to produce natural looking detail and not the usual over sharpened, over smoothed smartphone ‘look’. coque iphone The new ultrawide camera is just brilliant for travel photography, landmarks and coque huawei p8 gel spectacular interiors, and while it can’t quite match the edge to edge image quality of the other lenses, it still produces sharp, coque samsung trend lite nike distortion free ultra wide images that coque samsung j5 plume widen your horizons in every possible way. We like the regular iPhone 11 Pro best the iPhone 11 Pro Max has the same cameras but it’s just a bit big, while the regular plain vanilla iPhone 11 is cheaper but doesn’t have the 52mm telephoto lens. coque huawei Read more: Apple iPhone 11 Pro review Also consider: Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max review (Image credit: Apple)2. coque samsung Apple iPhone 11It’s cheaper than the iPhone 11 Pro, but you lose the ‘telephoto’ lensNo 5G yet No 56mm ‘telephoto’ lens iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 Pro That’s a tricky question because it depends on the kind of photography you like to do or more specifically, the angles of view you like. iphone 11 case Both iPhones have the new 13mm ultrawide camera that’s brilliant for interiors tall landmarks and travel photography, and both have the standard 26mm ‘wide’ camera. But the iPhone coque samsung galaxy s6 edge fun 11 Pro adds in a 56mm ‘telephoto’ camera which you may or may not find useful. Camera phone photograph tends to be up close and ‘immersive’ compared to regular photography, and wider angle lenses are better. The other key difference is the screen. The regular iPhone 11 screen is mid way in size between the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max, and it uses a Liquid Retina HD display rather than the Pro’s Super Retina XDR screen but will you notice remboursement coque samsung galaxy s6 the difference (Image credit: Apple)3. bracelet homme coque iphone iPhone XSIn its time, the iPhone XS was the best iPhone, and it’s still good coque samsung j3 2016 cute even nowVery good image quality Lacks ultra low light ability of some Androids The regular iPhone XS has the same cameras as the Max version. The rears offer two 12 megapixel cameras, one for standard wideangle shots, the other for 2x coque samsung galaxy tab 4 tablette zoom images. coque huawei Apple offers a very natural and faithful image preview, which shows a coque samsung galaxy alpha fnac good estimate of the benefits of image processing before that processing has even taken place. The color balance and the character of Apple processing are also very pleasant. Other highlights include 240fps slo mo at 1080p and X series only additional modes in the background blur portrait mode, such as Stage Lighting. This blacks out the background, for an image that looks a little like an actor headshot. coque iphone The 2x zoom personnaliser sa coque samsung galaxy grand prime is also useful, particularly as it has optical image stabilisation just like the main camera.