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Although there is usually a difference, the effect that the coronavirus in employment hdistorted custodia per tablet samsung s2 9.7 t819 employment figures like never before disclosed this Tuesday in the EPA, which for the first time since 2009 gives fewer unemployed than the actual affiliation data. At the end of March, Social Security reported that the number of unemployed in Spain amounted to 3.55 million of people, while cover custodia samsung tab4 samsung t280 according to the EPA the number of unemployed is cover samsung s7 edge nero 3.32 samsung ef-zg975cbegww clear view custodia per s10+ nero million. custodia cover The difference between both measures is mainly due to unemployed concept that the EPA uses, a telephone or face to face survey of a sample of 160,000 people, cover samsung j3 animali from whose stranger things cover samsung a3 2017 answers conclusions are inferred for all citizens in Spain. custodia cover iphone For the INE, they just stand those people who are actively seeking employmentthrough more than one channeland also have availability cover samsung a 3 2017 silicone to join a possible new job in the next fifteen days. coque iphone Given the mobility restrictions derived cover samsung edge from confinement and the need to care for children without school, it is more than likely that some of the respondents who had become cover samsung j3 2016 silicone morbido 3d unemployed cover samsung s7 gelato did not meet either of these two criteria. custodia cover samsung As well as that some have received the call of the pollsters immediately after losing their job, which prevents them from having had time to start looking for work. Inactive number is triggered All those who, having lost their jobs, did not respond to this profile (active search custodia samsung gt 19300 and immediate availability) have been classified in the EPA as inactive, a collective that has increased in 257,500 people in the first quarter of the year, as can be seen in cover samsung galaxy s3 originale the graph. This strong increase reflects the difference in the number cover samsung j3 marmo of unemployed given by the EPA and SEPE. bijoux bague The INE all those unemployed as inactive, hence the figures do not match and that both employers and unions have regretted that the EPA data not reflect the reality of cover samsung s10e silicone the labor market affected by ERTEs, busy On the other hand, workers affected by Temporary Employment Regulation Records (ERTE), which have gone on to collect the unemployment benefit, and that the SEPE did not count as unemployed, they are classified by the INE as busy, Since the come aprire la custodia del samsung institute assumes that they are receiving cover samsung a5 2015 rosa at least 50% of their salary and they are confident that they will return to their jobs when the state of alarm ends and will maintain it for at least custodia samsung galaxy a6 2018 six months.