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Despite the general approval of Apple $ 399 price for its new iPhone SE, there was a lot of speculation about the camera hardware and how does it compare to iPhone 11. Its rear camera has the same specifications as the iPhone 8 since 2017, but some theorized that it could have the sensor of the view cover samsung j5 2018 iPhone XR.

Took a IFixIt teardown of the new iPhone to show that the SE actually had the same lens cover samsung galaxy grand prime a libro and sensor as the iPhone 8. That means that all of the improvements in image quality, as well as the addition of features like Portrait Mode, come exclusively from the A13 bionic chip. This processor is the same one found on the NHL NEW YORK RANGERS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus $ 699 iPhone SUPREME STICKER AND OTHER BRAND Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 11.

Since both phones have the same processor, I naturally wanted to compare photos and videos. To date, iPhone 11 POWER RANGERS BLACK Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus phones not only have the best cameras on any iPhone, but one of the best cover samsung galaxy s10 cover versatile camera systems on any phone.

The iPhone SE has a lot to accomplish, but as you will see, it can go head to head with its more expensive Apple siblings. This comparison shows that when it comes to photography and video recording, the actual consideration is not the number of megapixels or the number of cameras. Instead, it about the processor.1 iPhone SE vs. 11: SmartHDR makes cover samsung tab 2 7 pollici photos look fantastic2 Portrait mode: 1 camera vs. cover samsung galaxy s4 verde 23 Deep fusion cover iphone 6s per l'acqua processing for medium to low light4 Night mode vs. non night mode5 The rear camera video is almost identical6 Front camera: more detailed selfies and video39; slowfie39;

iPhone SE vs. 11: SmartHDR makes photos look fantastic

The combination of the Bionic A13 chip and iOS 13 absolutely elevates iPhone 8 camera hardware to the next level in SE. The rear camera of the iPhone SE has a 28mm f / 1.8 lens, while the iPhone 11 has two rear cameras: a main cover iphone 6 occhiali one with a 26mm f / 1.8 lens, and an ultra wide angle camera with an f / 2.4 lens. 13 mm.

Since the 11 has a wide angle camera and the SE doesn there isn much to compare. But here are a couple of my favorite photos that I took with the ultra wide camera anyway

Here is a wide angle photo I took cover samsung n7505 of my scallops and my friends before social distancing was the norm.

Take a look at the photos I took of some wooden slats. Again, apart from the framing, it is difficult to see any MACK TRUCK BLACK LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus difference. When I zoomed in, the details in each photo were good. They both had small amounts of image NASCAR 88 DALE EARNHARDT JR. Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus noise in the shadows on the slats.

The iphone 6 cover look like iphone 7 reason good light photos look so cover samsung s6 nera rigida similar is that if you on an iPhone 11, 11 Pro or the new SE, the latest version of SmartHDR is used to process and optimize details and textures. STEVEN PAUL STEVE JOBS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus It also pushes the dynamic range as much as possible without the image falling apart.

This is where we start to see some differences between the two phones. The photo below a tree shows the strength of SmartHDR processing. This scene has lighting extremes with THOR COMICS Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus dark shadows under the tree and bright reflections in the cover samsung galaxy s5 mini harry potter clouds.

Take a close look at the iPhone chiara ferragni cover iphone 7 amazon 11 iphone cover magnetic closure photo and you will see that the shadows have more detail and are not as dark as the iPhone SE. SLIPKNOT BARCODE LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus In the sky through the branches, both photos are seen to have turned off the reflections, but the iPhone 11 has less. Although this is a minor detail, it is evidence that the iPhone 11 main camera handles a wider dynamic range better than the iPhone SE.

Portrait mode: 1 camera vs. 2

Both phones have portrait mode and produce excellent results. The 11 THE FLASH ART Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can take portrait mode photos of people and pets, while the iPhone SE can only take people, which is a huge inconvenience if you are an animal lover. With the photos in portrait mode below, you will REAL MADRID SPAIN LOGO 2 Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus see that they look very similar. The iPhone 11 portrait captures more detail. For example, look at the hair on John forehead. Also, the drop onto the back cover samsung s6 shoulders of the focused to unfocused areas seems more natural from the iPhone 11 and that could be due to the fact that it uses both rear lenses to create the effect.

Portrait mode photos of iPhone SE (left) and iPhone 11 (right).

Deep fusion processing for medium to low light

When we enter RAT FINK HOT Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus medium and cover samsung galaxy grand neo plus i9060 low light environments, the differences between the two phones are even more marked. This is because iPhone 11 has Deep Fusion processing that improves image quality, detail, and minimizes image noise. The iPhone SE lacks Deep Fusion.

The photos below are of cover samsung s6 bumper my bike trainer taken indoors in medium lighting. In NEW MASERATI Logo Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus addition to the tighter frame on the iPhone SE photo, there is a noticeable difference in terms of image quality. The picture on the 11 has a bit of more detail, like around the outlet.

Also, the lower right corner of the iPhone SE photo suffers from image noise in the shadows. I would cover leather iphone 7 plus say that for interior and medium light photos, the 11 has the advantage because its use of Deep Fusion Processing.

Night mode vs. non night mode

Night cover samsung a3 unicorno mode, which is on the iPhone 11 but not on the SE, is another considerable difference between the two phones. Night mode uses adaptive bracketing, taking a series of images with various shutter speeds. It combines them into a single photo that is brighter, has less image noise and enhanced detail. Like the iPhone 11 ultra wide RUSSELL WESTBROOK Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus angle camera, your own preferences will determine whether having cover samsung tablet 10.5 a night migliore cover samsung s6 edge mode is a deciding factor. But let see what it can do.

Below are photos of a tree in immagini cover samsung galaxy s2 plus my backyard taken when it was very dark. The iPhone 11 night mode looks better in every OVERWATCH McCree Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus way.

But that was ODD FUTURE OFWGKTA SUPREME Cover Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus a pretty extreme way to test phones. Below is a scene from a book, a cover samsung galaxy note 2014 bottle of eye drops, and my computer. It was dim enough to activate night mode on iPhone 11.

As you can see by taking a closer look at the eye drop bottle, the iPhone 11 photo is sharper, has better details and color accuracy. The text looks smoother on the SE photo and the spine of the book is slightly different in color.

The rear camera video is almost identical

Like good light photos, it is also difficult to discern video recording between the main rear cameras on both phones. Both phones can shoot up to 4K, 60fps and have an extended dynamic range (also known as “HDR” but for video). However, the 11 offers an extended dynamic range up to 4K 60fps, while the iPhone SE can only support up to 4K 30fps….