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Oppo announced a new smartphone camera technology called Dual HELLO KITTY ARTIC Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera Zoom iPhone XS custodiasiPhone XS Phone custodia at MWC MARIE CAT DISNEY Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 2017. As the name suggests, the technology enables users to do phone cover cartoon disney iphone x an optical KATE SPADE DON'T KILL MY VIBE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom upto 3x, custodia samsung galaxy s 3 mini COACH NEW YORK FLOWER Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus however, it uses intelligent algorithms to achieve up to 5x A DAY TO REMEMBER HOMESICK Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 lossless zoom. To put in perspective, the iPhone 7 Plus can snap pictures Transparent custodia for iPhone 6/6S Plus INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER IH LOGO PLATE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 at FORD MUSTANG GT SPOILER Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 Iphone 6s 6 Plus Disney Stitch Adorable a maximum of 2x optical zoom, and the Asus Zenfone Zoom can perform optical zoom upto 3x.

To achieve this feat, Oppo has taken cues from the periscope functionality. A periscope Disney Cartoon Lanyard Phone custodia is an optical device that is used in submarines to observe double flip cover notebook type custodia objects from a lower level. It uses the principle of multiple DUKE BLUE DEVILS UNIVERSITY Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 reflections where light gets reflected at two parallelly placed lens before reaching the human eye.

Oppo has replicated Quotes phone custodia the best Amazon price the same phenomenon to Custodie da GREEN DAY ROCK BAND Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 OtterBoxiPhone 6/6s Plus invent the world first periscope style KATE SPADE OWLISH BLACK Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 dual camera technology. iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6S Plus The technology uses two lenses: a wide FANTASIA BLUE MUSHROOM Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 angle lens and a Telephoto lens with JON SNOW Game of Thrones Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 focal iPhone 6/6S/7 Glass Screen Protector length three times that of the wide angle lens. BIG LEZ SHOW MIKE NOLAN Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus The incoming light reflects at an optical prism before reaching the Telephoto lens that is placed at 90 degrees to the wide angle lens. Unlike iPhone 7, OIS is implemented on both wide angle and telephoto lens.

Finally, it uses proprietary image fusion technology to produce lossless zoom The entire Iphone 6 Plus Disney custodias: module Cover Disney Angry Mickey iPhone 4/4S is just 5.7mm thick. In context, it is 10% thinner than the iPhone 7 camera module that can only support optical zoom upto 2x. Oppo GAME OF THRONES TARGARYEN Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 didn hint on custodia samsung j 6 which phone CALVIN AND custodia fotocamera samsung HOBBES Cover Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus this technology will be implemented first, however, you can expect it to be implemented on upcoming Oppo flagships later this year.

The camera has been the USP for Oppo, and it is making big strides in that direction. Also during the event, Oppo boasted custodia Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse about its growth and expansion of its presence in 28 international markets. It Hello custodia sport fascia da braccio per samsung galaxy note Kitty Cover For IPhone 8 8plus claimed that it is the number four smartphone brand in the world custodia pelle samsung a3 2017 and number two in the Southeast Asia. It expressed pride of the fact that its Indian market share soared from 1.2% in December The lion king iphone 5 5s custodia the best 2015 JEEP RETRO Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 to 10.9% in December 2016. With the new technology, custodia originale samsung tablet s2 it may further increase its market share this year….