Howard praises centrelink tampering response to the scandal over claims of abuse of welfare benefits

Howard praises centrelink tampering response to the scandal over claims of abuse of welfare benefits FAMILY HILLS, QLD: The Liberal National party has praised Treasurer Joe Hockey’s response to revelations of abuse of welfare benefits. Mr Hockey’s statement said the scandal was “a scandal that will have a huge impact on Australia”. The statement from Mr Hockey was made during a visit to Brisbane today where he made an address on centrelink abuses. It also included a promise to work with Labor to raise welfare benefits, according to reports. The Government has denied paying a cent from every single cent. But on the campaign trail last month, Treasurer Joe Hockey defended his own Government’s handling of the scandal, saying it was his view that the claims of abuse had been exaggerated. Labor has denied any wrongdoing and Prime Minister Tony Abbott has accused the Government of attempting to cover up what it called “an unacceptable, appalling and criminal” government. But Mr Hockey told reporters: “My position is, I have been clear since yesterday the allegations of abuse, as it is generally known, have been greatly exaggerated.” “It is regrettable that, after some careful consideration, I have chosen not to respond publicly to the claims of the Opposition last week, and I did so before the allegations of abuse had been made public. “The government will continue to support those in need of help and I accept that at all times, people will seek help and that if there are people whose lives are in peril in my own and my Government’s country, this will be an area that the opposition will deal with.” Mr Hockey’s spokesperson said: “Labor has consistently and strongly opposed this Government’s actions and has called on Labor to i더킹 카지노nvestigate these claims as thoroughly as it would any other. “After thorough consideration of the Governmen가평출장샵t’s response, the Treasurer indicm 카지노ated that the allegations of abuse had been grossly exaggerated, and we now share the Treasurer’s concerns about how the government has handled the matter.” Labor Opposition spokesman for health, Dr Mal Brough, said: “We’re pleased Labor has taken to its side to reject the Coalition’s ridiculous suggestion that Labor was behind the false centrelink abuse claims.” He added the Government’s previous Labor Government, in the 1980s, was “very different to Labor’s current government”. He said the Coalition did not follow the Labor Party’s policies.