Meet Keith Shirlaw: Associate Producer

Keith is a formidable player in the South African film and television industry.

He is a frequent collaborator at The Network and someone we often recommend when creating high-quality production teams.

With a wealth of experience to his credit including TV and documentary film making, he has carved a significant reputation for himself as a commercials producer and content producer with clients around world.

A Travelling Man

Keith’s eventful life has led him to a position of respect as a leading producer, director and project manager in the South African film industry, and now a leading pioneer in the nascent Virtual Reality industry.

From a lighting background in Australian television, to photographic journeys around the planet chasing the illusive secret surfing spots, to being head lighting technician on hundreds of South African and International commercials and feature films , Keith moved on to producing for the top English production house in Johannesburg during the eighties.

Keith then started his own production house, lighting and directing commercials, music videos, kids programs and large corporate productions.

In 2001 he moved to Africa’s mother city, Cape Town and has worked as Producer, Director, stills and high end video cameraman as well as chief lighting technician.

He is known in the industry as  “The producer  with gloves” and loves working on the southern tip of africa.

Virtual Reality

Keith’s love of new technology and new ways to tell a story have led him to embrace the exploding new field of Virtual Reality.

“While many young geeks with technical training are moving into VR, I feel they don’t understand that this industry is about telling stories.

I have 38 years of experience telling stories for film and television in advertising, drama, comedy, stunt, dance and music – this was a perfect training for virtual reality where you need to combine all the film industry’s technical skills with a range of new technical restraints.

Virtual reality enables you to tell stories with a whole new level of engagement – I love virtual reality and am proud to be working with The Network’s new division InGenius-VR as a VR pioneer”.