Motorcyclist dies in clarkefield crash

Motorcyclist dies in clarkefield crash A man who fell into a pond on Thursday morning has died, police said. Mark Brown, of the Riverdale section of Newington, was on his way home from a apronxwedding when his black Honda Civic was caught in a strong tide a더킹카지노round 3.50am. It became entangled in the바카라 water and collided with a flatbed truck. Mr Brown, who was not wearing a life jacket, was taken to Southport Hospital with serious injuries but his death has been declared a freak accident. Cllr Tim Smith said it was a tragic incident. He said: “It seems a bit of a miracle we got this one, but of course some accidents do happen here in the Clacton area.” Video footage of the incident showed the truck apparently crossing a wet patch of sand before going into the water and eventually breaking into four parts, with Mr Brown’s Honda travelling several hundred metres before getting stuck. After Mr Brown’s death, police sent a team into the water to search it for any other missing people. Dennis Jorgenson, from Clacton Fire Station 6, said: “We sent our equipment in here and when we did that we spotted an old lady walking towards the edge of the lake to get a drink of water. “When she walked past that the police came down and gave her a drink of water. “It was just a horrible accident and the police officer who was driving had a broken leg.” Cllr Smith added: “He suffered a broken leg on one side, but the girl’s wrist was also broken. “Her leg was in a bit of a ditch in the water and she managed to get out with a plastic bag and they got her in the ambulance.” Cllr Smith said he hoped to see an update by Friday but would need to wait for police to find a suitable cask. Cllr Smith’s own son had been in a similar accident in the past. Video footage showed some of Mr Brown’s family standing by his body. Mr Jorgenson told Channel 4 News that the family were stunned at the accident.