New ep port will be made

New ep port will be made Added new icon! Changed main menu Added “Search and delete images” option to the list of selected images Added “Reset your settings” option Added option to hide ads Fixed a bug in the list of saved files Other minor fixes Version 2.7.1a: Fixed the error that sometimes happens in the latest port Fixed a bug that sometimes occured in the newes카지노 게임t port Some of the cha더킹 카지노nges are implemented in the new update. Version 2.7.1a Added support for Windows 8.1! The Mac version should also work now You can now add files to your list of saved images by바카라 사이트 clicking the + icon on the top left corner of the screen Added an option to hide all adverts on your computer The settings tab has been renamed to “Save images and settings” You can also change the display of the image size and color, which are added and removed from the options menu Added an option to reset saved files Some other minor changes Version 2.7: Minor changes Version 2.6.6: New feature: You can now preview a saved file without saving it. Simply hold the shift key down (or tap a key!) and click the preview icon in the top left corner of the screen. Version 2.6.5: Other minor fixes Version 2.6.5 Fixed the problem with the “Save file” dialog showing “No files saved” instead of showing only the “Saved File” dialog. Version 2.6: Fixed a bug where “Save As” wasn’t working. Version 2.5.5: Fixed some other small bugs. Version 2.5.4: New feature: You can now share your uploaded images.