Rail freight terminal planned for casino site at New Brighton

Rail freight terminal planned for casino site at New Brighton. City of Cleveland plans to make the terminal workable for its industrialists.

A plan for a downtown casino called The Sands to Cleveland has been shelved, a city planning commission said Thursday.

The project was one of six items on the city’s agenda for next week.

City officials hope to complete a site planning agreement with developers for the Sands of the Sands casino at the corner of New Brighton Road and U.S. 59. That will then allow the city to establish the facility as a workable, low-cost destination to help attract businesses to downtown Cleveland.

A report is expected mid-summer before plans for The Sands and plans for The Sands Cleveland open house are finalized, said Joe Stankowski, chair of the commission.

“There were some items that were presented to the commission we didn’t feel could be fully supported by the report,” Stankowski said. “There were some items that were presented we felt were more difficult to support.”

City officials on Thursday did not identify any of the items on the city’s agenda for next week’s work session. But Stank바카라owski said a draft of the report said Cleveland should build a casino terminal to serve the “large-scale investment in the development of new jobs and retail.”

City officials and developers are pre바카라사이트paring their respective plans for the Sands project after a proposal seeking to move forward with that idea fell through a vote of the city’s planning commission Thursday.

Instead, the project’s owners, the Las Vegas Sands Corp., are asking city leaders to allow for the relocation of some of the nearly 1,300 workers and a dozen temporary vendors at the site to work in the new casino, and for the expansion of the existing site’s retail sector. The project will be managed by a partnership of Cuyahoga County and the Ohio Department of Economic Development and would create more than 20,000 jobs in the area.

The project includes the demolition of what was once known as Pee Wee’s Place, which was a casino where people were charged for admission to the game on Sunday nights. And it would include a site-specific development fee to pay for the expansion to the site, with the remaining cost paid to the city.

An open house would have allowed the public to look over the preliminary plan to determine if it could be moved for바카라ward.

The Sands’ $150 million casino project is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 2014.