Second man charged over bikie son death

Second man charged over bikie son death Posted A former bikie officer is우리카지노 facing court on charges in relation to a death that was reported to the authorities in Queensland last year. The former officers received lengthy sentences for killing six men in Port Augusta in 2005 afte바카라사이트r one was killed in a car crash in Gippsland. The police officer in charge of the squad was eventually charged in the deaths. The police sergeant, who was also a part-time commander at the time, was charged with murder, rape and attempted murder. Police said the unit would not comment further because they were still investigating the incident and the court proceedings had not been concluded. Senior police officer for the town of Port Augusta, Captain Mark Bongiorno, told ABC Radio Brisbane the officers “had shown great care and restraint in their actions on the night”. “This has been the biggest and most tragic of incidents in Port Augusta that’s been recorded in the past 25 yeapronxars,” he said.