About The Network

The Network Productions International exists to give producers a solid and trustworthy foundation from which their directors are able to fully exercise their craft and fully realize their ideas. A twenty-year track record of high quality production is testament to the adaptability and professionalism of our team, which is renowned for rapid, concise and reliable responses to all production needs – from pitch to wrap.

Our Clients

The Network has produced international campaigns for a wide range of categories; banks, financial institutions, cars, food, fashion. Recent productions have included global campaigns and top secret launches for major international brands.

South Africa and Worldwide

The Network’s Production expertise and network extends far beyond South Africa, to date we’ve worked and consulted for more than 40 countries.

Business Ethos

Having established a reputation for thorough preparation and well-managed shoots, the Network prides itself on the solid relationships it builds with clients and suppliers based on transparency, fairness and respect.


The Network’s approach is streamlined, transparent and pragmatic and is based on ongoing engagement with our clients to ensure that no detail or need (specific equipment, dietary or cultural) is overlooked. Network budgets are designed to give clients a realistic picture of all elements required to fully deliver their projects while protecting their margins and upstream relationships. The Network does not cut corners or ‘price dump’ to meet budgetary targets without establishing a clear understanding how such parameters may influence a production. ‘Actuals’ are updated constantly to ensure that clients are always aware of their production status.


The Network is home to very experienced industry professionals with a broad skills base, which includes special effects design and remote areas logistics. Our team is at home with digital, virtual reality, 3D, augmented reality and all aspects and genres of filmmaking, this allows us support our clients more closely and provides an extended resource when finding solutions to the widest range of production challenges.


The Network is based in Cape Town, in the Western Cape of South Africa, a province which boasts the greatest diversity of locations – within reasonable travelling distance – on the planet. South Africa has often been termed the ‘World in one Country’ due to its vast range of topography and climatic zones. After 20 years in business The Network’s location database is exhaustive; embracing all of Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and tropical Indian Ocean Island paradises such as the Seychelles and Mauritius.

Virtual Reality

VR is exploding – in 3 years VR may be bigger than mobile. The Network has spent 2 years assembling a specialized VR team, buying and testing the latest cameras, software and techniques and learning how to make VR magic, our team includes camera specialists, digital alchemists and VR programmers. We recently launched a specialized division, focused on this technology – InGenius-VR. Simple Virtual Reality applications can add extremely useful light studies for location reconnaissance, but we are able to produce more complex virtual productions using CG and live action. InGenius-VR has market leading capacity in this field.