Filming Weather in South Africa

South Africa’s varied weather patterns in the different regions of the country mean that we can offer year round shooting. South African weather conditions generally range from Mediterranean in the south western corner of the country (Western Cape) to temperate in the interior plateau (Gauteng), and subtropical in the northeast (KwaZulu Natal). A small area in the northwest has a desert climate. Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights. Between June and September the northern region is dry and sunny with temperatures averaging 16 degrees Celsius and with an average 10 hours of sunlight.

Cape Town Weather

During the summer months (November to April) Cape Town experiences warm, dry weather with up to 14 hours of sunshine per day and is the most popular area for shooting at this time of year.

Gauteng Weather

Gauteng is said to offer one of the world’s best climates: summer days are warm and wind free and winter days are crisp and clear. With the rainy season being summer rather than winter.

KwaZulu Natal Weather

In Durban the air is heavy with humidity and the subtropical latitude of the city brings with it long, hot summers with rainfall, and very mild winters. Durban boasts an average of 320 days of sunshine a year and temperatures range from 16 to 25 degrees C in winter. Which makes it a good option for shooting during our winter months.