New refuge offers hope for domestic violence survivors

New refuge offers hope for domestic violence survivors (01:47:55) THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION “I believe you do not understand how important shelter can be for domestic violence survivors,” said Jennifer Brown, executive director of the Chicago shelter that offers the emergency shelter and has a separate program for those experiencing domestic violence. “Our shelter will be the biggest emergency shelter we have ever run, so people who are seeking shelter ar온라인바카라e going to come from all ov여수안마 여수출장샵er the U.S. It will be a major focus of efforts in the city.” The new shelter, which opened Wednesday at Chicago’s East Side, will serve about 50 domestic violence victims in three blocks and will offer services like psychological evaluations, counseling and referrals for programs, Brown said. It will also offer job training and job placement services, she said. A $3 million grant from the federal Office of Justice Programs will be used to install a secure facility inside the shelter, with private security and a 24-hour public access phone. It will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to the 1.8 million people who are eligible for shelter in Illinois. A group of activists is바카라규칙 trying to prevent the city from changing rules that require people to stay in designated shelters and prevent them from using the emergency shelter once their housing voucher has expired. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who oversees the city’s Department of Public Health, said he will work with the Chicago Shelter Authority and public-private partnerships to determine the best means to help the shelter with the cost of operating. The shelter’s owner, the Rev. Jim Clark, said he’s worried about the homeless population because the shelter costs too much for the city to keep it open year round. “We had over 200 applications for our shelter over the years,” Clark said, referring to the year before the shelter opened in 2009 when it had about 300 people. “We never saw a single homeless person. So people aren’t using the shelter because they’re afraid of being homeless.” He said it will be possible to take care of some homeless people with food assistance and financial aid for other things by using the emergency shelter as a temporary residence. “You can be safe with us,” Clark said.