Freedom arm replaces Russian arm in Cape Town

New Film Tech: South African Freedom Arm Mobile Crane improves on Russian Arm for Car Commercials

The Network is proud to offer clients the new South African designed and developed Freedom Arm, which redefines the ‘cutting edge’ of camera cranes.

This fully digital gyro-stabilized camera crane was developed by South African film engineer Gustav Marais, a specialist stabilized camera systems developer based in Cape Town.

Telescopic Arm Mobile Crane

Freedom Arm exceeds the capabilities of previous cranes and introduces a new dimension with its telescopic arm which has DOPs, directors and car manufacturers queuing up to use it.

The successful incorporation of a dynamic telescopic function to the boom is a world first for this category of camera crane and enables the boom to extend to 6 meters (20 feet) on the fly as opposed to other cranes in this sector which are fixed length.

World’s Best Remote Stabilizer Head

To match the Freedom Arm’s level of performance, the standard package includes the Edge, widely acclaimed as the world’s best remote head, capable of stabilizing a 500mm lens and able to hold its own horizon.

South Africa Taking the Lead

The increasing levels of innovation and ingenuity originating from South Africa shows that Cape Town has graduated from being a service destination and is becoming an important film making  destination.

The Freedom Arm and its operator teams are based in Cape Town, making its extreme performance available locally at lower cost than other internationally based products in the same category.

Combine this exciting new tech with South Africa’s unparalleled range of roads and landscapes and set your creativity free.