Alfred Hau, a film director from Hong Kong working with The Network in Cape Town

Testimonial: Alfred Hau (Director – Off-Lo-Hi, Hong Kong)

Alfred Hau from Off-Lo-Hi in Hong Kong chose to produce his very individual and enigmatic production of two intricate commercials for the real estate project “The Cullinan”, in South Africa with The Network. It was a challenge and a pleasure for The Network Art Department to work with this accomplished director. Alfred made the shoot one of the very best, pleasant, and creative of production experiences. The commercials were shot by the versatile and speedy “Oceanic”, a DOP from Hong Kong. With his pared down lighting Oceanic showed just how effective “minimalist” can be, without once compromising on ‘look’ or style.


“Shooting with Kim makes me feel like shooting in my hometown, she has remarkable ability in understanding how Asians work, as well as tremendous flexibility. She is, no doubt about it, a great partner in production.