Film Director Simon Lueng from Smoke Films in Hong Kong working with The Network

Testimonial: Simon Leung (Director, Hong Kong) & Didi Lai (Producer, Hong Kong)

Our constant aim at The Network is to build and strengthen relationships, paying attention to each individual. It is particularly heartening when people, who started out as clients, return as friends. Heightened levels of trust and familiarity always reflect well in the finished product when everyone, involved, has taken a personal interest in the success of a project. Simon Leung of Smoke Films, Hong Kong, with his crew of Eddy “Chandelier” Mok (Art Director), Ko Kei Leung (DOP), Didi Lai (Producer) are among a group of special people from the ‘East’, who have become so popular with our crews, that it is like welcoming long lost relatives back to the Cape. As with many of the commercials we have shot out of Asia, this was a pastiche of well co-ordinated “Dali-esque” art direction and interesting symbolism put together with the unique signature of the director and his team.


Simon Leung, Film Director and owner of Smoke Films, Hong Kong had the following to say about working with The Network:

“I can’t recommend The Network highly enough. Kim treats you as a partner and, having produced for every imaginable country, understands your perspective and thinks ahead about what is needed for your shoot in Cape Town, things you might not have anticipated. Talk to The Network in Cape Town for hassle-free production.” Simon-Lueng-The-Network-testimonial-chinese

Didi Lai, Simon’s colleague and Producer for Smoke Films adds:

“I had a super pleasant working experience with Kim.